How does ISIS get its Recruits?

People wonder why so many people are coerced into believing that ISIS is a symbol of goodness and freedom.  A majority of ISIS recruits practice Islam even before ISIS brainwashes them into believing that ISIS is not evil.   One technique ISIS uses into brainwashing young teens is by using social media to express their messages and recruit videos.  In fact, social media is the one of major factors that convince young and innocent minds to join the infamous terrorist organization.  Some examples of social media that the terrorist organization uses are Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes even Instagram. ISIS’s goal is to attract as many recruits as possible.  They target young Muslim men and women and encourage them to join ISIS because it is the only place where they will be accepted for who they are.  In addition, every time ISIS successfully carries out an attack against Western forces, they show that they are strong and able to fight against America and other Western countries.  These further inspire young and innocent Muslim teenagers to join ISIS and be a member of the terrorist organization.


Though it seems that ISIS is gaining more recruits faster than ever, there is still hope in stopping them from gaining more recruits.  It is imperative that we intercept the young teenagers before they decide to join ISIS.  If you notice someone who shares their same belief that ISIS has and is looking into joining ISIS, report it to local authorities and try to convince them ISIS is an evil terrorist group whose sole purpose is to cause terror in the Western civilizations.  Also, by notifying authorities about  the individual’s interest in joining ISIS, you can be helping them because within the ISIS region there are extremely strict rules with extremely strict consequences for breaking these rules.  Failure to comply with these rules can result in a beheading or other harsh punishments.  So in a way, by informing authorities about potential ISIS recruits, you are helping them. In conclusion, it is important to realize that ISIS is a terrorist organization who are focused on recruiting young Muslim teenagers and that you have to the ability to prevent potential ISIS recruits from falling into the hand of evil.

How does ISIS get its Recruits?

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